Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 9: We Arrived in Dubai!

After receiving breakfast and lunch from the Ndoro Lodge, we piled into buses around 1 PM and headed for Kilimanjaro International Airport for our 4:20 PM flight. We arrived at the airport around 2 PM, and checked our bags in and sat in the waiting area. Some people relaxed before the long flight and some people did some last minute shopping in Tanzania. However, the vast majority of people could be found on their electronic devices. It was the first time in nearly 72 hours that any of us had a stable Internet connection, and the Club was chomping at the bit to check Facebook, email, Instagram, and every other social media site known to man.
WiFi...precious WiFi...
We headed to our gate around 2:45 PM. We ran into a group that was heading back to America – naturally, we sang to one of them! She really enjoyed our arrangement of “My Little Margie” (with her name, Liz, substituted in of course!). Our plane was supposed to arrive around 3:15 PM for boarding. However, the plane didn’t even arrive until roughly 4 PM! As the cabin crew prepared the plane, Clubbers started getting restless. However, we boarded the plane without incident.

Goodbye Kilimanjaro! Thanks for all the adventures!
Amazing cloud cover over Africa! 

After a brief stop in Dar Es Salaam and Doha, most of us arrived in Dubai around 4 AM local time: due to a customs snafu, a few people were left in Doha but will be arriving in a few hours. We went through immigration, exchanged currencies, claimed our luggage, and piled into a bus on the way to our hotel, the Golden Tulip Al Barshi.
The Dubai skyline. 
16 hours of travel can't dampen our spirits! 
After nearly 16 hours of travel, a lot of us decided to hit the hay – we’re really excited to explore Dubai though and, of course, we’ll be updating you with our adventures in this beautiful city!


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