Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 6: Gonna Hike the Mountain (Yeah, yeah)

We started the day by heading out to the headquarters of Building a Caring Community (BCC), an organization that supports local children who have special needs. After attending a briefing that was led by Megan Hussey (C’12), we split into three groups and headed out to three different locations, where we exchanged music with the children. The kids had varying disabilities, from high-functioning autism to cerebral palsy. Some of us also sang to kindergarteners, who followed our bus as we left. We all found it very rewarding, and some people even described it as the best moment of Tour.
Members of the group laughing and singing with the children in the BCC Program. 
The parents of the children in the BCC Program have a shop. Many Clubbers purchased things or donated shillings to the cause. 

After returning to the hotel, we all checked out, grabbed lunch, and piled into buses to head up Mount Kilimanjaro. After we reached the village, the majority of us took an hour-long hike to a waterfall at Kilimanjaro. It’s the rainy season here, so the trails were a little muddy, but never too treacherous. At the waterfall, many Clubbers stripped down to their boxers and took a dip in the freezing-cold water or climbed behind it.
The view of the waterfall. If you look close enough, you can see Clubbers frolicking in the water. 
We then trekked all the way up to the Mount Kilimanjaro View Lodge. Because we had spent so much time having fun at the waterfall, the second half of our hike was lit by the moon, with great views of the lights in Moshi. At the end of the two hours, where we were fed a dinner that we all were very thankful for. After dinner, most of us stayed in huts, while some of us stayed in tents. We then had one of the most well-earned nights of tour yet.

Sorry this is late – as it turns out, there’s actually no WiFi on the top of the mountain! Tomorrow we’re off to Arusha for our safari in two days!

Belated best,

The Penn Glee Club

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