Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day 10: Our Penultimate Performance

Many people spent their day sleeping after our long flight. Others went exploring various parts of the city. Some people visited the famous Dubai Mall, while others went to local restaurants. 
Clubbers gather for lunch in the Dubai Mall.
Clubbers pose in the Mall of the Emirates.
At 5 PM, we piled into our bus and headed to the American School of Dubai, where we were greeted by a poster advertising our show! We were all excited to see the poster - it seemed to boost our morale, as well! 

Look what we found waiting for us at the American School of Dubai!
We were introduced to the superintendent and choir director of the American School of Dubai, as well as the men's choir of the American School of Dubai. As it turns out, the ASD men's choir had learned the Club's arrangement of "Country Roads" and was going to perform it with us during our concert. 

The American School of Dubai's campus. Its splendor easily rivals most college campuses! 
At 7 PM, the concert began with the Club running in through the aisles to perform "Chicago," which was met with raucous applause. The concert was a success: our "Boy Band Medley" received a standing ovation. 
The Club performs "Gonna Build a Mountain." 
The joint choirs perform "Country Roads."

After returning to the hotel, some people went to bed, while the majority of people headed to the Mall of the Emirates. The Mall of the Emirates was extremely impressive - not only was there a movie theater, but there was also a ski slope, a food court, and an arcade! Most people wandered around the mall and did a variety of things: some people skied, others went to the arcade. The majority of people went to see "X-Men: Days of Future Past" in 3-D. 

After staying at the Mall of the Emirates until closing time, we made our way back to the hotel to get some rest. 

Until next time, 

The Penn Glee Club 

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