Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 2: Dune Bashing in Doha!

Our second day of Tour began with our first performance of the trip - we traveled to the Qatar Academy to perform for some of the students there. Upon arriving, we were treated to a performance of The Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun" by the Qatar Academy Choir. The choir is only one year old, but already sounds like a seasoned group! 

The Qatar Academy Choir performs for the Glee Club. 
After listening to the choir, we warmed up and got ready to perform our concert. The concert was well-received, with most of the students recognizing some of the more popular songs we perform. They were especially familiar with "I Can See Clearly" and, of course, our "Boy Band Medley." After the concert, the students asked to take pictures with us, and we happily obliged.
The Club rehearses "Gonna Build A Mountain". 
The Glee Club in concert.

After returning to the hotel, we regrouped and headed out for dune bashing, which is one of the most intense and fun experiences imaginable. Dune bashing involves piling into 4X4 SUVs and having experienced drivers drift down the sides of the sand dunes in the Qatari Desert. Many Clubbers found it extremely enjoyable, and only a few experienced motion sickness! 

The Qatari Desert - perfect for dune bashing!

The hot desert sun finally takes its toll on the PGC.

We stopped at a few sea basins in the Qatari Desert, and finally stopped at a resort just off the Persian Gulf, which included a volleyball court and private beach. A volleyball tournament was immediately set up, while some Clubbers ventured into the Persian Gulf for a refreshing swim. We were provided a free dinner, and then we continued relaxing by the water. A few Clubbers began to sing under the stars, enjoying each other's company and the picturesque beauty of the Persian Gulf. After the nearly 9-hour excursion had ended, we piled back into the SUVs and drove back to our hotel. 

Our first glimpse of the Persian Gulf. 
It was a very long day, and while most of us are staying in the hotel, a few Clubbers are heading out for some food or exploring. We only have a few more days in Doha, so people are trying to hit all of the tourist destinations before we depart. 

We have a full-length concert, free and open to the public, tomorrow night at 7:00 PM at the Qatar Academy. If you happen to know anybody in the area, invite them to the concert! It promises to be a good time, featuring the unique choral sound of the Penn Glee Club. 


The Penn Glee Club

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