Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 3: Performing at the Qatar Academy!

Our third day in Doha was rather relaxed - we didn't have anything to do until 5:15 PM, so many people slept in. A few people went out to the famous Villaggio Mall, which is huge! There is a river in the mall, and gondolas that the patrons of the mall can use to travel through the Villaggio. The Villaggio also contains an ice rink, a theme park, a roller coaster, a movie theater, and a bowling center! Many Clubbers spent the majority of the day there, purchasing souvenirs and exploring the various attractions in the mall. Some people traveled to the Souq Waqif, while some went to buy shawarma. At 5:15, we piled into buses and headed back to the Qatar Academy for our concert there. 

We started the concert in our standard Khaki Blaze outfits, performing a variety of musical genres - from English glees to full-staged Broadway show tunes. After we finished our last song of the first act, we quickly changed into our formal Ties & Tails for the second act of our concert. The audience was excited to see us running down the aisles in our Ties & Tails to perform "Chicago." After the Penn Glee Club Band and the Penn Pipers performed, the Club finished with its rendition of "Go the Distance," which was met with applause. We received praise from the audience for our performance, with many people clamoring for us to visit Doha again to perform! 

The Club performs in the first act of its public concert in Doha.
The Penn Glee Club performs "Chicago." 
After our performance, we headed back to the hotel. Some people stayed in for the night, while the majority of us headed out for our last night in Doha. We're leaving from our hotel at 4:45 AM for the airport to head out to our next destination, so some people are trying to stay up until then. A few of us actually managed to accomplish that, while some people turned in to try to get some sleep. 
The Band sits down for a meal at the Royal Tandoor Restaurant in the Souq Waqif. 
We've had a blast in Doha, and we're really excited to continue our Tour in Tanzania! We've all made so many memories and strengthened friendships, and it'll be fun to continue that as the Club travels to Sub-Saharan Africa for the first time in its illustrious 152-year history. 

That's all for now - next time this blog is updated we'll be in Africa!

The Penn Glee Club

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